Monday, August 8, 2011

Praise Your Husbands

 I awoke this morning with my mind already on the list of things that needed to be accomplished today and a cat loudly reminding me that she and her siblings were close to the point of starvation (translation: they hadn't been fed yet). Thankfully  the poor critters were able to hang on until I took care of some more pressing needs of my own. Then I glanced at my washer. Right beside it were clothes that would have to be rewashed. Ah. I had forgotten a load and hubby needed to wash his uniform last night. 
  My first thought was to be crabby and send him a snarling diatribe sweet reminder to never ever do that again! help a forgetful wife out a bit. And then, preparing to do my own blog, I saw on my list of blog updates, this from Always Learning.   It was the perfect reminder for me.
  All too often I see and hear wives publicly trashing their husbands. I'm not exactly blameless of this as I've grouched publicly too. Yes, they do have their faults. But then, don't we all? We know that praising a pet when it does good helps to train it to do well, and we understand that positive reinforcement will encourage a child to do well. Why then, would we tear our husbands apart, especially publicly?
  If Frannie Friend came to my house and said "Dottie, your husband is a disgrace! He's this, he's that, he's just no good!" I'd likely show Frannie the door. We wouldn't allow others to talk bad about our mates, so why do we do it? Most people will live up (or down) to our standards. If we want sweet, loving words from them, we should use sweet, loving words when talking to or about them. 
  When was the last time you thanked your husband for rubbing your shoulders after a hard day? or for taking out the trash without being asked? When was the last time you snarled at him about one of his faults? 
 As for my husband, yes he does have his faults. But he is a good Christian. He is a great father. He is a hard worker. He is my best friend.

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