Saturday, August 6, 2011

Falling From the Face of the Earth

  Several days ago I lost internet. I was not happy this happened, because in many ways my computer is a lifeline. It connects me to people I don't get to see day to day. And yet, I welcomed the breathing space. It was nice not to be connected for a few days, to think about other things.
  During this time J has (and we his parents have) been adjusting to a new medication. His appetite has changed, mostly for the better. He no longer is eating simply to be eating, but he eats when he is hungry. His sleep pattern has been getting a little better, although this morning he was wide awake very early. And he is, for the most part, calmer. Until the medication wears off. Usually around 2 in the afternoon. As Big J put it, he goes from John Lennon to Ringo. Fun, fun!  He makes this loud shriek, a yawp. It's ear piercing. And he does it several times. He no longer pinches but he does poke more. And he seems to be more aware. He tries harder to get our attention, so maybe the yawping and the poking are ways of communication. 
  No medication is perfect, and each have their draw backs. His last blood tests revealed, in the doctor's exact words, that J is "disgustingly normal" in his medication levels and cholesterol and blood sugar and everything else they tested for. Because he is on some serious medication he will continue to be monitored periodically to make sure all is well. But so far, at least on this front, modern science has not failed him. I think some tweaking of the meds needs to be done, and thankfully he sees his doc this coming Tuesday to discuss how the new medicine has been working.
  I have plans to add a new series coming up sometime soon in this blog, and I will talk more about that later. I hope you will enjoy it. 
  As for today however, hopefully a nap or two will be in order and I will try to avoid the heat as much as possible.  What about you? What will you be doing today?

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