Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Morning Cup of Tea: Matthew 12:38-42. We Would like a Sign.

Good morning! I'm up a little later than usual today, but J is still asleep and I have two cats on either side of me... such a peaceful way to start the morning. 

Jesus is still addressing the multitude around him, focusing on this point at the pharisees. For this part I am not going to copy verses, just going to paraphrase a little. But a little friendly advice: never, ever, not from me nor a preacher nor your best friend, take someone's word for it when it comes to the bible and its teachings. When scripture is mentioned, look it up and read it for yourself. We are all humans and humans tend to make mistakes sometimes. And some will lead you astray if given a chance. That part is very sad, but there are those who know the scriptures and yet will twist them and take them out of context to say what they want to say. Having said that, anything I write here in the Morning Cup series is my understanding. I know there are some with far more understanding and maturity in Christ than I who reads this blog, and if I don't understand, or misread something, I pray they will let me know.
Now, back to today's lesson. : )

A scribe asked Jesus for a sign. (v38). But Jesus answered, this generation isn't getting a sign except for that of the prophet Jonah.  Jonah spent 3 days in the belly of a whale and then told the city of Ninevah  that if they did not change their ways, they were going to be destroyed. Ninevah repented. Jesus said that Ninevah would rise up and judge this generation (v41). But one greater than Jonah is with you, he said.
  Also the Queen of the south (Queen of Sheba) would rise in judgement against them. She had traveled great distances to hear the wisdom of Solomon. She understood. Once again, Jesus said , one greater than Solomon is with you.
  During this time Jesus compared himself to Jonah, and said that he would spend 3 days and 3 nights in the heart of the earth (v 40), alluding to his death and burial.
  Jesus was right there with them to teach them and show them the error of their ways. We can apply these verses to our own lives by remembering that we do not have Jesus here physically with us, but we do have the bible. We have Jesus to intercede for us when we pray. And I think we as a nation need to wake up and repent, like Ninevah. We have allowed much sin to become the norm here instead of speaking against it. And as much as I try not to become political in this blog, especially in this series, it needs to be said: This country will fall not so much because of what the politicians are doing, but because of the sin involved behind their decisions, sin that is deemed "not wrong" by the people at large, and the silence of those who know better.
  I had planned to finish out the chapter today but I see I've gotten rather long winded.  We will pick up with verse 43 tomorrow, barring any unforseen circumstances.

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