Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gratituesday; Families in Christ and Home

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I am thankful for many things, but today I am thankful for two things: 1, our loving family in Christ. 2, homes.

I truly, truly have to thank God for providing us with a need this week. I don't think we had mentioned this need to anyone in our congregation, but I could be wrong. However, our preacher, Larry Sheehy, came to us privately and asked if we could use one. We said yes. After evening services we were taken to buy what we needed, brand new. A need was taken care of, in perfect timing. We are very grateful for the help and especially the love that our church family has shown us.

And secondly, I'm thankful for homes. I'm not always thankful for the one in which we live. Just ask my husband. <smile>. It's no secret that I am looking for a new place closer to where my husband works. Gas prices are high and we currently live 52 miles away from hubby's job. Even in a small car, the gas gets used rather quickly, especially when you add in errands, doctor visits, and worship service.
  I look so forward to finding something new and closer in that I tend to forget the blessings that I have here. While this home needs a lot of work, it is truthfully about the right size for our little family of three. It reminds me of Doug Stone's song, Little Houses. Beautiful song. It's kept us out of the elements and safe for a few years now. The neighborhood is quiet and we are close enough to our congregation that we've been blessed to get to know the family there. I do wish we lived closer so we could really get to know them, but hubby's job is in the opposite direction.
  This home has allowed us to be a bit closer to my side of the family, and I've been able to spend a little more time with my sister than I had in years. And I've been able to watch my niece and her family grow. Because of jobs and life in general we don't get together as often as we'd like, but its wonderful having them close by. 
  The new home we are looking for will take us further away from the current congregation but we do know there are strong churches in the area, and have one or two in particular in mind where we already know the congregations. It will take us a little further away from my side of the family but closer to hubby's side. We will still continue to visit family here when we can because I don't want to lose touch.
  One other home I'm looking forward to and am thankful for: our home in heaven. Jesus promised us a home with him if we just do the Father's will. Now that's a home to look forward to. :) 

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