Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Morning Cup of Tea: The Parable of the Sower

Good morning! This morning we are beginning chapter 13 of Matthew, which is filled with parables, so again it will take us a few days to go through it. Jesus had so much to teach and I really don't want to miss any of it by rushing through. So much of this world requires us to rush rush rush, and  this bible series in my blog is supposed to be a resting spot. A place where you can sit back and chew a little on God's Word. 
  I smile every time I hear the word sower, because back at least as far as the 1970's and 1980's, here in my area at least, there was an evangelist named Michael Guido, who had a little one or two minute spot on television called A Seed from the Sower. He also had a newspaper column in some local papers. But I so enjoyed the tv spots because he would sit there, a kindly older gentleman in his garden, and share something that would point toward Jesus. A seed, if you will, that would hopefully germinate and grow and flourish. His garden and chapel are not far from where I currently live, and I think his brother continues the ministry. Michael Guido passed away a few years back shortly after new year's of pneumonia, which he caught because he hadn't the heart to turn away those who came to see him during the holidays. He stayed outside speaking with each of them.  I hope you'll forgive my little jaunt down memory lane there, but he had a few lessons in himself: 1, his heart was so full of the love of Jesus that he wanted to spread the message to as many as possible, and 2, he freely gave of himself. Other than what I've described, I don't know what he understood or taught about baptism or other fundamentals, but he was a good man.

 Our verses today focus on Matthew 13: 1-9. I won't be copying them this time, but please read them.  Here we find Jesus by the sea side. The multitudes are still following him, hungry to hear his message. I'm sure there were some curiosity seekers as well, but they were there to hear what Jesus had to say. This time he spoke to them in parables, from a boat. 
 A parable is story that explains what he is trying to teach.  This one is about a sower.
  The sower went out and he began to sow his seed. Some fell by the wayside, some fell upon rocky ground, some fell among the thorns, and some fell into good ground.
  The seeds that fell by the wayside soon got eaten up by birds. These are like people who hear the Word but for one reason or another, do nothing with it but discard it. Those that fall on rocky ground soon shoot up because they have very little soil in which to anchor their roots, but the sun soon withers them away. These are like the ones who want to become Christians, but the root system isnt there to anchor them --the teachings, the bible study, the support --and then something happens in life and they give up.
 The seeds that fall into the thorns are those who want to try and live both for God and for the world. Eventually the thorns, or cares of the world are going to choke it out.
  And then we come to the seeds that fall into good soil. They settle in nicely, have a good root system, and flourish. They bring forth fruit, some a little, some a lot.  This of course, is the person who lets the Word of God really take hold. It may take him or her awhile to show, but they are there, studying each day, attending and participating in worship service, teaching others. 
  Enjoy your day. I look forward to our time together tomorrow. : )

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