Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gratituesday : My son and Medicine.

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Usually on Tuesday Mornings I write my Morning Cup of Tea lesson and then I think about what I'm grateful for this week, for the Heavenly Homemakers Gratituesday link up. This time, my fuzzy brain realized I'd already written what I was most thankful for this time. 
  J has been on a new medication for the past few weeks. There were some small adjustments made for timing and dosage, and more of his personality seems to come out these days.
  Let me be clear: I don't like medicine. I wish he didn't have to take it. But at the moment there are NO other alternatives for him that are safe and legal. Medical marijuana is gaining some interest for some kids with autism because of the lack of dangerous side effects. But the more I look at it, the more I see that J doesn't need it. He's no where near in danger of not eating enough. The only benefit I see would be that it would take care of his violent tendencies. Well, as his mom, I'm just not ready for something that would cause him to eat more. J has always, as a teen, had a healthy appetite. This medicine he's on now, like other medications, has its share of side effects that could happen. But he has me and his father and his doctor to watch out for these things. So far I'm happy with what I'm seeing with this new medication, except for the moments of rebellion.
  J knows when he is to get his medication and sometimes refuses to eat dinner until he gets his evening dose. On Sunday evening, he didnt want to take the pills. He threw them. I knew he threw one of his anti seizure meds and I made him pick it up and take it. Intelligent child that he is, he picked up ONLY that one and left the rest. Of course he was bouncing off the walls when he should have been asleep or going to sleep. Hubby went back to the car and sure enough, there were his meds. He cannot go without his meds. He could have seizures, he could become violent, and he would be off the charts unable to pay attention.
 I like him the way he is--a little calmer, more in tune with the world, showing me the medicine rebellion that lets me know he has an opinion on this matter as well, and especially this right here.  Yup, this all sums up what I'm grateful for on this beautiful day.  

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