Thursday, August 25, 2011

Blessings and Prayers

 I use my blog as a place to study the bible, to lay out my thoughts on things such as modesty, to discuss autism in a young adult. I know because of my views I sound hard hearted and prissy. It's not meant to be that way because I have love for all. I just don't have love for sin and my frustration comes out in my writing.
  Right now, however, I'd  like to focus on something more positive : blessings and prayers.
  Praise: A young man from another country who became a Christian has gotten his visa and will soon be studying here in the United States. In his own country he could be killed for his beliefs. I am very, very thankful that he has the opportunity to come here even though I may never meet him.
 Praise: It's a beautiful day here, and we have the opportunity to learn more about God and how he wants us to live; to be an example to others. 
 Prayer:  My young nephew has been dealing with stomach pain and other ailments for a little while now. Today he is having ultrasound done to see if they can find what is going on. He's 11. My prayer is that God will guide the hand of the physician and the techs, and they can find the problem and fix it. For my boy Alex I pray that the ultrasound and any other tests they do are bearable for him and that he feels better soon.
 Prayer: Irene hasn't struck yet but there has already been much talk about her, where she's going to land and what destruction may follow. My prayer is that her path can be determined for sure before she hits and that people stay safe and damage is minimal. 

If you have prayers or praise please feel free to add them in the comments.

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