Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Morning Cup of Tea : Finishing Up Chapter 17

Thank you for your patience and understanding yesterday. I spent most of the day with my son and husband, and was able to get  a very good night's rest in, even if J did decide that morning started at 6 am today. (smile) It was very nice, both of us sitting here in the living room quietly for awhile. 

Today I'm posting this one, which covers verses 22 through 27 in Matthew, and I will try to work on chapter 18 as well a little later in the day.

Jesus told his disciples while they were in Galilee that he would be betrayed, killed, and rise again on the third day. (v22 and 23). The bible says in the same verse that the disciples were very sorry. I wonder though, at this point do they really understand what is going to happen? They've seen people raised from the dead but do they really understand what is going to happen? It's a little easier for us because we can see what happened and why, but to be told that your friend, mentor, teacher, the son of God is going to be killed yet raised in three days --they had to be going through a lot of emotions. I think I would be confused and fearful.
  But as far as we know Jesus doesn't dwell on the subject just yet. He's trying to prepare them for what is to happen, but still there is work to be done. 
  When they came to Capernaum  a tax collector asked Peter if Jesus pays tribute (taxes). Peter said yes. 
  Jesus asked him who do the kings take taxes from, their own children or strangers? Peter answered, strangers. Then Jesus said something that made me wonder. Then are the children free. (v26) Is he saying there that the ones who don't pay taxes are not slaves? I'm just wondering there what he meant.
 But the next verse tells us he paid the tax. He told Peter to go fish. Inside the mouth of the first fish he catches there would be a coin. That would be used for the tribute.

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