Saturday, August 20, 2011

What Are We Listening To?

Hubby, J and I are a very music loving family. Praise, gospel, country, bluegrass, rock, oldies as far back at last as the 40s and 50s, some newer stuff, almost anything out there we would listen to except gangsta rap or anything that degrades women and/or uses filthy language. 
 We usually have disco, sixties, or 80s music playing in the car if the radio isnt on. We've tried listening to sermons on cd or other things such as the Atlanta Braves, but J prefers music. 
 One of the newer songs we hear on the radio sometimes has a really catchy beat and I often catch myself singing along to some of it. But then you hear "...a God forsaken right to love..." wait what??  Just what is the singer trying to say here?
  My husband pointed this one out to me because I missed that phrase. Like so many I get in the habit of listening to the beat and being drawn in by it. There are other songs that make my do not play list, such as Uncle Cracker's  "Follow Me."  He makes light of fornication there. And a much older song, Bryan Adams' "Everything I do I do it for you". Beautiful love song but he mentions lying for his loved one. 
 One of the excuses I hear is, I don't pay attention to the lyrics, I just like the music. That would infer you don't hear the words, yet don't you still find yourself singing some of the words? And it sticks in your mind. The message comes in quite clearly. Even when my husband plays music I'm not particularly fond of I still know some of the lyrics. 
  Another excuse I hear (and have used) is, It's just a song. It doesnt mean anything. There are a few things wrong with that. First of all, in worship, we are commanded to sing. What happens when we sing? We are teaching others. We are teaching ourselves as well. And although we may not be worshiping while we are singing along to Adele or Aerosmith or the Beatles, we are filling our hearts with messages. Are they good messages or bad ones? 
Finally  brethren , whatsoever things  are  true, whatsoever things  [are] honest , whatsoever things  [are] just , whatsoever things  [are] pure , whatsoever things  [are] lovely , whatsoever things  [are] of good report ; if [there be] any  virtue , and  if [there be] any  praise, think  on these things.- Philippians 4:8. 

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