Saturday, August 20, 2011

What Are We Teaching Our Daughters? Another Look at Modesty

Ladies, especially teenagers, young adults, and mama's of little girls, can we talk a minute? Here in Georgia we are still in the middle of summer, despite what the school calendar says. I realize how hot it gets outside, particularly when I'm going through some of those all too fun "power surges" that are starting to pop up now and again as I get a little older. However, I am fairly certain we can dress a little cooler without becoming immodest. 
  I realize that my style is not necessarily your style, but I've been seeing some things that break my heart, and I've also seen some things my poor eyes should never have seen! If I'm seeing these things, I know men are seeing them. Our Christian brothers are trying to keep their thoughts pure. Being human, it's rather hard to do that when a young lady has revealing clothing on.
 Ladies, a few tips for dressing to out in public:
   If you have to pull clothing out of parts of your anatomy when standing after sitting awhile, it's too small and most likely too tight. 
   Leggings are great to exercise in or to wear underneath a skirt. No matter how great your body looks, it really doesn't look that great to wear just those in public.  
  People do make judgments about you based on your attire. 
  Mamas, little girls  DO NOT need to be wearing little adult clothes. Yes, I know. They're cute! It's harmless! Come on, ladies. Stop buying Little Princess clothing at Hoochies R Us.  First of all, it teaches her that it's okay to wear next to nothing and it will be harder later to teach her about modesty. Secondly, and just as important, there are men out there who will take advantage of your little daughter given the chance.  Yes you can take steps to stop perverts and dressing your daughters and yourselves properly will help.  
   I know also that part of the way little girls are dressed are because of pageants. I have a love hate relationship with those things. I can't help but think of JonBenet Ramsey when I see precious girls dressed up as little adults. There is no telling what horrors that child was put through before she was killed. What is wrong with dressing our little girls as little girls? Drop the make up except for dress up time at home. Do the pageants if it's fun for her, but choose wisely. You're parading in front of strangers your most precious gift in life --your daughter. At the same time, focus on her other attributes --her gift for math or spelling, her sports or art. Teach her that not everything is hinged on her looks.
  I'll probably be back on this subject again, especially after seeing seeing some ads directed toward teenagers, and magazines with tiny tots posed provocatively. For now, weigh in with your opinions on the matter. All I ask is that whether you agree or disagree, please keep comments civil and  clean.

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