Thursday, September 1, 2011

Life With J: AKA Fun With Autism

The day unofficially started at 3:30 this morning. That's when my brain registered the fact that J was awake. Having been dumb enough to stay up till 12:30 (never a bright idea for me, especially when child going to bed fairly early is a really big clue!), my body rebelled at the thought of getting up with him. Bad mommy. I tried getting up, but it wasn't going to happen. I yelled through the paper thin walls "Go back to bed, J!" and listened while he giggled.
  Despite lies told by someone, unless he's with his dad or me, J can't be paid to step foot outside. He is more than happy to sit in his big ugly brown Archie Bunker chair in the living room or stay in his room and shriek and giggle if he's not raiding the fridge. The fridge fairy hasn't shown up to fill it yet so giggling the early morning away was the fun of choice. Knowing all this, I knew it was safe this time to try and rest while he bounced the night (early morning) away. 
  By about five o'clock, his accomplice had decided to join in. LeeLee, otherwise known as Tiger Lily the cat, decided hey, the wild human is up, time for the human who feeds us to be up. I managed to ignore her as well for awhile, but my poor brain decided I need to take care of a few things anyway so.... here we are. 
  J is quiet now although not asleep, LeeLee and her crew are in the kitchen, and my brain is buzzing with things that need to be done today. Hubby will be home soon from third shift, soon to be snoozing away. J will eventually nap. And I...may just join the sleepers if I can be sure to wake up in time to take my mother on her errand run. 
  You'd think by now I'd figure it out. When J goes to sleep, I should sleep. But it doesn't happen. If hubby is home we get to spend alone time together --even if sometimes together means in the same room on separate computers. If he's not home, it depends on how I feel. Most times I'm up for awhile talking to hubby via instant message or face book's inbox. Translation: I chatter and he answers when he can.
  At the moment J has abandoned his room for the comfy Archie chair and he's happily singing and letting me know it's just about breakfast time. He's in a good mood. He's not the slightest bit tired. His giggle is infectious. Every time he smiles I fall in love with my boy all over again. It's going to be a sleepy day, but a good one nonetheless.  

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