Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday Morning

Poor hubs. He didn't know he was walking into a bear cave this morning. He worked last night and brought breakfast home with him --but I snarled at him. Not such a great wife this morning, I'm afraid. The toilet is acting up so much I'm about ready to build an outhouse behind the house, and dear son decided that somewhere around 3 am (his magic number) would be a great time to wake up and stay awake. There are other things turning me into a growly bear as well, but the upshot is I was letting small things turn into big things and that's not a good thing. No chocolate in the house to make me feel better (should be a rule: Every home needs emergency chocolate at all times) but I did have some tea and some time to write. Studying God's word makes me feel better. 
  I joined a facebook group   that will be teaching more on digging deep in God's Word. This month's goals include reading the book of Genesis and writing down all of the promises, and reading the book until you can tell all of the events in sequence. Ladies, if you are interested, please check it out.  I'm thinking of blogging my thoughts and questions as I read through, but it will have a different heading than my Morning Cup of Tea posts if I do. 
  I've been working on my household control journal this week. I have it mostly put together now, and have been trying to follow the schedules I wrote out. It's helped some to keep me focused on what needs to be done and when. As for my cleaning schedule, I'm trying to focus on one room at a time, partially using Flylady's suggestions and plan. It's slow going but I'll get there eventually. I use the schedule mainly as a guide because life almost never goes according to plan.
  As for the digi scrapper give away, look for that next week. I hope to have a chance in the next few days to write up my review and get it ready for you.
  How is your day shaping up? Did you wake up all smiles, ready to greet the day? Or were you a growly bear like me? If  you are like me this morning, I hope the day gets better. Mine has already calmed down to a dull roar and the fun of the day begins. : )

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