Monday, September 19, 2011

On Bible Study and Missing Days

You ever have one of those days where you just can't seem to get motivated to get anything accomplished? Me too. Actually though, its been like that for the past several days.
 I'm in an online Bible study Digging Deep in God's Word and its been wonderful. I enjoy it. There is a facebook group   that is doing the study together, and they compare notes and encourage one another. Well, I started off gung ho and... faltered last week. I got as far as the descendants of Shem, Ham, and Japheth and dropped the ball. I missed one evening of my reading in Genesis, and it turned into two, then three...and I was falling back into my old habit of not picking up the Word. Granted, I still had (have) my morning cup of tea with the Word (tomorrow starting on Mark) but it was too easy to drop this one which I enjoyed just as much as my personal study. 
  It's not unlike worship. One Sunday morning you over sleep, the kids are fighting yet again over who got the muffin with most chocolate chips, your husband can't find his favorite tie--nothing is going right. So you decide, just this once, you'll miss morning service. You can always go in the evening. But by evening Dad's so wrapped up in his game and Sally fell asleep finally so no one watched the time. Church was missed again.  The next week its a beautiful day so the family decides to go on a picnic and enjoy the day. Just this once. Time goes by and you wake up and realize, we haven't been to church in nearly a year. You've known something had been missing and at first you felt bad about missing, now it's just a minor guilt that you've managed to push to the back of your mind and not think about. It's not too late to go back. Just like its not too late for me to get back to the digging deeper study. I hope you'll consider joining me for both the study and for church. :)

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