Saturday, September 3, 2011

Quiet Saturday -- Home Journals, Easy Days, Giveaways, and Holidays

I hope you're enjoying your Labor Day weekend. It's a quiet day for us here. Jim is sleeping because of third shift, J is sitting cuddled up in his Archie Bunker chair all cozied up in a blanket. I have been --well, my usual slightly lazy, slightly nerdy self today.
  I have picked up a little in the kitchen and living room, played on pogo a bit, and I've been working on my Household Journal. Just in case you don't know what a household journal is, I'll tell you. It's a binder system that you can buy or make and customize to your needs. I'm a bit of a scatterbrain and although in my head I can see a nice, tidy real life, not so much. My brain is constantly jumping from one subject to the next, getting sidetracked by new thoughts, and just plain living life! So, my Journal, once I have it put together again, will hold a calendar, my family's schedules, medical information, contact information, financial, menu planning, and (thank you, Flylady)   my daily routines and cleaning schedules. 
  I am the type who needs to know step by step what needs to be done, otherwise I get overwhelmed with where to start and I end up on pogo all day. Not a very good thing for anyone.
  Also, my Journal will hold my Bible study pages and prayer lists. I find that if I write everything down, I work better. 
  Do you use a home journal or other helps? Are you one of the lucky ones who just seem to know automatically how to keep a neat and pretty home? I'd love to hear your tips and ideas. 
  I have a giveaway and product review coming up in the next week or so. If you like scrapbooking, card making, or other crafts you may be interested so stay tuned!
   I know it's only September but Christmas is already on my mind! Thanksgiving I love, but I know fairly well what to cook for that day. Christmas however, needs a lot of planning, at least for me. I want to make gifts this year. One idea I had I'm not sure I'll be able to get done because of the timing, but it's on the list for another time. I'm really excited because I don't have to share Jim with work this year for Christmas --unless they change the schedule again. It's happened before but you learn to roll with the punches. 
  Well now there then (to quote a character from a favorite 80's tv show of mine), my young man is patiently letting me know its about lunch time. He thinks the arm of the Archie chair may be good to chew on, so yep, time to feed him. Have a wonderful day!

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