Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Doctor Visits, Broken Bike Locks, and Life in General

I'm not sure which is going to strike first, the urge to clean the house a bit or a quick nap if J decides sleep sounds good to him. That's the only way this mama is going to get a rest period today. Might as well clean house, right? Ehhhh.. not yet. I've got a headache going as well as a serious case of the blahs. Exactly why the blahs have hit I'm not sure, been trying to figure that out most of the day. 
 I woke up a little later than usual this morning and found that J had been awake and quite industrious. Hubby had put a lock on the fridge earlier in the week because J will not stay out of it. He does not understand the need to leave some food for later and at times he does not understand the meaning of being "full."  Bluntly, he has times where he eats till he gets sick. That is not good for him nor is it good for the pocketbook. So we tried a bike lock. That worked for about three days. J broke it and promptly threw it away, then helped himself to this afternoon's lunch.  The bike lock got replaced by a padlock. Being an intelligent lad, I'm wondering how long it takes him to figure out how to use a key.
  Just in case you're wondering, he's well fed. He gets access to snacks during the day, as he is very much happier  grazing through the day and keeping his metabolism up. 
   I went to see a new doctor yesterday. I adore my former doctor, I just couldn't afford to continue seeing him. Being forty years old, I now get to navigate new and interesting --ahem-- pokes and prods during some visits. He has not yet broached the subject of vaccines, but he has let me know in no uncertain terms that I need these procedures done and pronto. While I'm not looking forward to mammograms and other things, I want to be able to take care of my son and my family. That requires me to be healthy.
 Speaking of being healthy, on Friday I'll be heading to the pharmacy to pick up synthroid, iron pills, and a multivitamin. I'm actually looking forward to being back on those medications so that I can have my energy back. I don't like feeling tired and run down. But I'm also going to adjust my eating habits a bit and look into some more natural ways of dealing with hypothyroidism and anemia. 

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