Sunday, September 18, 2011

Food Choices: Or, Why is Corn Syrup In My Beans???

My sweet husband made chili yesterday in honor of the cooler weather. He picked up cans of beans and chili beans for it. In both sets of beans was sugar and corn syrup. Okay, first of all, why????? What is the point of corn syrup in either of those products, especially the plain beans?  
  I'm not the greatest at feeding my family homemade food, although I am trying. Actually, both hubby and I are trying to feed our family better, as he does a lot of the cooking and I tend to try and figure out what's good and what isn't good these days. We do still like our junk food, but finances and nutrition dictate more and more that we watch what we eat. When we cook at home we like good, healthy ingredients. We also haven't been the types to plan ahead very well, hence the canned beans. But.... sugar and corn syrup in beans.... seriously? Baked beans I can understand brown sugar in those. Not kidney beans! Lesson learned. We will tweak Jimi's recipe for chili a wee bit, and unless the beans are organic, no more canned beans. Are you listening out there food world? Stop putting nasty stuff in our food. I want real food with real, nutritious ingredients. If I want corn syrup, I'll buy it. 

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