Monday, September 5, 2011

Update to My Stand

If you read my blog post Saturday night about teens and sex   you would know I didn't finish watching the dvd episode that made me want to write in the first place. I watched it last night. Although a few things made me sad, I am happy to report that I was pleased with how such a sensitive subject as teen pregnancy was handled by the writers. The entire series is a show I would sit and watch with my children and discuss with them during and afterward. This one especially bears watching together. 
  A few things still made me sad though. The boyfriend's feelings were discounted and although he was overzealous and wrong in some (not all) of his thinking, he did want to take responsibility for a life he helped create. Also, though I can understand why the female cop said what she did when asked about her own abortion as a young teenager, it still made me sad. Teen girls need to find someone they can talk to --preferably mom and dad, so please keep the lines of communication open no matter what. If that is not possible, an aunt, a trusted teachersomeone in the congregation. And those who do talk with the girl honestly, and don't push the "option" of deleting the child. There are ways of handling the situation. Look carefully and you will find good families willing to adopt. I just wish that adoption was a little easier financially. There are good families out there --some may not be able to afford all the fees involved and that is the only thing keeping them from adopting. And if the girl wants to keep the child, support her! I don't necessarily mean financially support, although she may need that. Support emotionally, be there for her. Help her realize that although it won't be easy (life isn't easy nor is it fair), getting an education can be done and sometimes holding down a job to raise the child is part of loving it. 
 The boy should be encouraged to take responsibility as well. If he is not ready to be a father, fine. He should still be made to take financial responsibility for the baby. If he wants to help raise the child, help him figure out how to do that. Support his wishes there. I believe in both sides being heard on this, but there is one thing I would never condone -- letting one kill the child when the other wants to keep the child. My support will always be with the one who wants to keep the child or give the baby up for adoption. 
 In one scene the mother of the teenager confronted the undercover cop and the woman who ran the clinic. She was understandably angry with both because neither encouraged her daughter to be home to talk with her parents about her situation and her fears. The excuse came up, "Many girls don't have that option." I know that not all homes are ideal. Some parents would take it badly. But most parents are willing to listen. They will be heartbroken that their daughter is pregnant, but would be willing to love and support their daughter and help her figure out a solution that is beneficial.

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