Saturday, September 10, 2011

Remembering 9-11

September 11, 2001 is permanently etched into my memory, as I am sure it is in yours. For me it began as any other day. I took my husband to PT (physical training for those not in military families), then on to work at Ft. Hood. I was a little sleepy so I took a short nap in the back of the van. The radio was on and I remember the dj saying something very light hearted. When I woke up, the world had changed.
  I heard the lady telling about something in New York. I was confused; what was going on? As I listened and found out the World Trade Center had been struck, I couldn't believe it. I sat in the van listening, realizing what it could mean for my husband and so many others. I went inside and found my husband. They too had heard, but my husband's face was quietly reassuring. He gave me a hug and sent me home.  I found my mom and brother in front of the television, watching the horrible scene over and over. I wanted to get my son but they had locked down the school for the time being. I went to the church building where we were to have ladies' bible class. All we did that morning was pray.
   My remembrances are not like those who were in New York or Washington, or had loved ones on flights and could only wait helplessly for news. My heart went out to them then and still my heart weeps for those who lost loved ones. It changed our country forever.  Now as we look back, ten years later, I feel many of the same feelings I had then: sadness, grief, disbelief. But it did happen. Our military was dispatched to fight back. My husband was no longer in the military when his friends and colleagues were sent. I felt relief. He felt regret that he wasn't with them. But the decision was out of his hands, and he had done nothing wrong.  Today we still have men and women over in Iraq and other countries, mostly if not all because of that day. I continue to pray that they will all be able to come home safely, and for good.

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