Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gratituesday: Prayer

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Almost every day on Facebook or in everyday conversation we see or hear: So and so needs prayer. His brother passed away. Or pray for this one, she was in an accident and badly hurt. We sympathize, we hug, we praise when the prayer calls for it --a young man who couldn't attend worship safely in his native country was able to come here for college. Although I don't "talk" to him very often on facebook like a mother hen I watch his posts and I see his love of God and the happiness he has here. He is enjoying freedom of worship, and he recently witnessed  a baptism that  filled his heart with joy as he remembered his own baptism. 
  We offer prayer as a connection to those around us as well as a connection to our Father. It lets us know someone cares when we hear the words, "I'll be praying". Healing begins right there, I believe. We need each other and we need the Father more and more these days. 
 Now. I am going to ask for prayer for myself today. I have to see a doctor later this afternoon because I've had some pain lately. It's got me a little concerned, but I'm still clinging to the hope that it's nothing serious and can be taken care of quickly --just a little inflammation. Pray with me, will you?
  If you have something on your heart, please feel free to share with me, here or privately. I'll be happy to pray with you.

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