Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Morning Cup of Tea

Good morning! Today we begin chapter 8 of Luke. In this chapter Jesus tells the parable of the sower - some seed landed on rocky soil, some fell among thorns, and some fell on good soil. And some fell by the wayside.  Some of us let the seed get trampled before it has a chance to grow. Others start out great, but having no soil take root in --studying, and learning more , the light goes out as quickly as it came in. Still others hear the word joyfully and take root, but the cares of the world choke them out as weeds do in a garden. Then there are those who fall into good soil --they've studied, and continue to study, and pray to take out the weeds or thorns that could choke out the light of God, and they bear fruit. I've greatly paraphrased verses 5 through 18 so I hope you will take the chance to read it for yourself.
  I am not a farmer, and I haven't done well with even simple gardening. I do understand that for plants to grow and thrive there must be sunlight, water, and nutrients in the soil. Weeds must be kept at bay as well. My son and I are quite a pair. If I have plants indoors, I tend to forget to water them. J tends to believe they do not belong in the pots and takes them out. Neither of these things are good for plants. Our souls also need TLC in order to grow and thrive. Our souls need good soil -a tender heart with a thirst to know God. We also need Son light. We need to hear and read the word of God, and commit it to memory, and live as closely as we can to his word. We need water and nutrients --this comes by living faithfully, participating in worship and fellowship with other Christians regularly, so that we might encourage and be encouraged, and learn more than just what we might read. We must keep the weeds out as well. When we have a problem, we should be able to go to our Christian brothers and sister for guidance, for assistance, for prayer. And we should be able to go to one another in love --and accept when they come to us in love- to point out something that may be amiss. We do this not because we think we are living better than someone who has fallen, but because we love one another and want others to not miss the opportunity to reach heaven because a sin was ignored blatantly.

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