Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Morning Report

 Beautiful morning out here in my neck of the woods, not too chilly at all. In fact, outside it already feels really nice. I've already been outside to drop off my netflix dvds in the mail --got some great ideas from Martha Stewart's Classic Thanksgiving. While I was outside a man stopped by, seeing my trail of kitties following me. His wife had been down in the dumps lately because her kitten died, so one of my younger ones got adopted. I'll miss the little guy, but I'm so thankful he's found a new home. Still looking for homes for one more kitten and a few adults.
  Speaking of being thankful, if you are on Face book, you may have noticed some of your friends posting each day in November what they are thankful for. You may be doing that yourself. I am, and while there is so much that I am thankful for each and every day, I think it helps to write things down, and it starts the day on a positive note. 
 The hubs is continuing to look around locally for a job. He has a job already, and we are thankful he has it, but right now we live 52 miles away from his work so financially we really need to either find a job closer to home or else find a home closer to work. We are trusting God that something will become available one way or the other. Truthfully, I like the area we live at now, and I love the congregation we are a part of. However, our plans are not always God's plans so we shall see what happens.
 I've got my list of chores I need to do for the day -cleaning the kitchen and laundry being at the top of the list. I think those are never ending things though. I also have to look for some paperwork that was mislaid. That should be fun. 
 Sometime this afternoon I will be going to my mother's house to talk a little about Thanksgiving and see what needs to be done. I know she's already bought some things, and we need to decide who is going to cook what. I think she's planning on making a pie or two, and maybe handle some of the veggies. I'll take care of the turkey and hubby will make his dressing. Yummy! I'm hoping to make a cheesecake as well. Oh, how I love all the foods for Thanksgiving!  I love having the family together even more than the food, though. My dream is to one day have a home big enough so that the entire family can be together for the day. 
 Well, I'd better get to moving if I'm going to get anything accomplished today. How is your day shaping up? Are you preparing for the holidays?

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