Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gratituesday: Morning Routines

Are you a morning person? I am. I like being awake by seven or seven thirty to start the day. I've tried being up earlier than that, but I wilt too early in the day when that happens. I think I've always been an early riser, even as a child. I remember waking up, especially on Saturdays, to watch my favorite shows and to see if there by chance would be leftover cold pizza to have for breakfast, hee hee. 
  These days my morning routines are different. If my husband is home he generally takes over breakfast for me so I can do my writing. On days like today, when Jim is either at work, or stopping by his mom's after work, the routine is a little different. I wake up either on my own or when I hear J stirring. His routine is rather simple --wake up, take a bath, take meds and wait paitiently (and sometimes not so patiently) for breakfast. Once I'm up, I check on J and let him know breakfast will be coming soon, take my thyroid medicine, feed the cats (which includes a few strays), and then hand J some cheese or something to hold his strength while I'm doing my thing. Sometimes I will start some boiled eggs, other times I'll let J know that breakfast will be cooked in just a bit. That is when I come to my spot in the living room and do my bible reading and blog time. Afterwards is when I get going on the day. I love quiet, easy mornings. 
  Each Tuesday Laura at Heavenly Homemakers  invites us link up with her and tell what we are grateful for. This post is linked up. What are you grateful for today?  Please feel free to share. I love hearing from my readers. :)  Have a wonderful day.

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