Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Organization Reminder and Holiday Help

We bought dish soap yesterday because we were totally out. Great idea. The number one rule around here is Put it away now before J decides to put it away for you. Guess what didn't happen yesterday? That's right, the Joy dish soap is now missing. This could be a fun afternoon. Pardon me for saying this, but... O joy. Ahem.

In brighter news, if you have realized that there are less than two months till Christmas and you have hit the panic button, Life As Mom has help for you. She has a free download, Thinking About a Simpler Season . About the holidays, my husband says Simple is my last name. Not and So being the first and middle names to go along with that. Yeah. Isn't he sweet? I have the ebook already downloaded and I will  be taking advantage of it to help tame the holiday madness.
 What do these two  subjects have to do with one another? Not a thing. One I just needed to vent about before going on the search for my dish soap and the other I simply had to share because I love letting others know about someone's great idea.

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