Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Morning Report

Good morning! It is indeed a Monday morning and started out at an hour than can only be described as "O Are You Kidding Me?" A.M. Yes ladies, the laziness (!!) of the holiday is over and we are back to "normal."
 The hubs has first shift at work this morning, and he was not the only one awake at that early hour. I heard not only the alarm but also the voice in the next room, singing happily and assuring me that he was not about to drift back off into dreamland any time too soon. No, dear J was on a mission and his mission was food! So, food he got. The furballs also thought early morning was a great feeding time so they got an early breakfast as well. J was presented with boiled eggs, the easiest thing I can think of without resorting to "Let him eat cake!" That will not happen on my watch. Things can get quite ugly when J is coming off of a sugar high. That tends to regress into meltdowns and we don't need those at any time, much less very early in the morning.
 J wasn't too thrilled with boiled eggs first thing in the morning. He held one aloft and proclaimed "food!" Yes son, boiled eggs are indeed food. Mommy's brain is mush at the moment despite being a morning person. Definition of morning: the sun must be up. Otherwise it is still night time to my brain.
 At any rate, I'm sure you didn't come here to read the breakfast menu. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend. The thankfulness is still there, and I hope I remember to be thankful everyday, not just on or near a specified holiday. We were blessed to spend Thanksgiving with my mother and brother, and then a few days later, we had Thanksgiving with my mother in law, sister in law, and her husband's family. It was good to enjoy the time together.
  My sisters both have their Christmas trees up already. I haven't gotten that far yet. In fact, there are no decorations up yet, but within the next two weeks I hope to have that remedied. This week I need to be cleaning and organizing, maybe making a few cards. I like making my own Christmas cards, but I just haven't had the time or energy to do much of that, although I did make a few on Thanksgiving while my family napped. This year only a few people will get the handmade cards, and all others on my list will get a regular Christmas card. All will be sent with love, though. 
  What about you? Are you ready for the Christmas /holiday season? Have you begun shopping? Are you already done? Or do you make your gifts? I think a lot of ours will be handmade this year. I adore gifts that take some thought and time. 
  What does your week look like? Are you excited for the next few weeks, or are you ready to scream in horror?  I'm sort of in the middle, myself. There is so much that needs to get done and things I want to get done. The one thing I have a hold on is Christmas day itself. Christmas falls on a Sunday this year and my husband actually has the day off!!! I'm very excited about that, although truth be told I'm holding my breath, half expecting a schedule change at hubby's work. I pray that doesn't happen. 
  My mother wants a ham for Christmas dinner, so that makes the menu fairly easy. Cooking is also easier. She can handle that one, and if she decides to go to worship with my brother that day, the ham will be fine until they get home.  I will spend a day before hand cooking most of the side dishes and desserts at her house, and on Christmas day my husband, son and I will worship with the church at Statesboro and then go to my mom's house. We will have dinner and then the rest of the festivities, or the other way around, depending on the rest of the family. That's the plan, anyway. 
  I hope you have a wonderful day.

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