Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Gratituesday: Good Health

For the past several months although I was not desperately sick, I was very often tired and depressed and slept a lot. I felt dizzy often, and could barely get any work done. I already knew that my thyroid and iron levels were most likely to blame because I had been through this before. Finally I went to the doctor and sure enough, my iron level was severely low. My thyroid must be doing well enough on the level of medication he prescribed so he very nearly insisted that I be put in the hospital for a blood transfusion. 
  I don't like hospital stays. They are expensive and it takes me away from my family. I have a son with autism, and there would be no one to care for him, which would force my husband to miss work while I was in the hospital. We told the doctor we'd rather not do that, but simply take the medication. The doctor wasn't happy about it, but he upped my iron dose to four times a day and I have a B-Complex multivitamin I have to take as well. 
  My dear husband did miss some time at work because of how ill I was, and it was a hardship financially. But he made sure I took my meds and got the rest I needed, and he cooked for me healthy foods that would build me back up. That included beef liver, which I am not very fond of, but I ate it, and he did too. Spinach is a big part of my diet these days too.
  I am very thankful for a doctor who cares enough to insist that I take my health seriously enough to have tests run to find out the cause of the low iron, and calls me personally when he sees the results of blood tests. I am thankful for the prayers of many who asked about me continually. And I am thankful for my husband who cared for me during this time and my mother in law who sent soup! I  still take the medication, and probably will for a long time. I'm not quite at the "normal" level iron wise yet but my doctor was happy with the improvement. It's easy, I think, to get into a rut of rush rush rush, and take care of everyone else to the point that even though you know how to eat properly you sometimes don't. While my eating habits hadn't been exactly stellar, I wasn't so far off the mark nutrition wise. There is another contributing factor, my doctor believes, and we will find it. 
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  1. So glad you're on the mend. I'm sorry to hear you've been so sick. We'll be praying.