Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Morning Cup of Tea: Questions of the Phariseees

Good morning! Today we are finishing chapter 5 of Luke.  As Jesus' fame became greater, more people came to him as he went into towns, many wishing to be healed. A man with leprosy sought him out in a certain city (v 12) and beseeched Jesus to heal him. Jesus did, and told him not to tell others what happened, only to go present himself to the priests.
 But Jesus' fame was already wide spread by this time. Even the Pharisees and the doctors of the law had taken notice. They were in the same place with Jesus when some men, seeking to bring a bedridden man stricken with a palsy came to Jesus by means of a hole in the roof of the house. There were so many people milling about there was no other way in! Jesus saw this and told the man, your sins are forgiven (v20). 
  The Pharisees immediately demanded to know how such blasphemy could be spoken! Just who does this person think he is, forgiving a man's sins! Only God can forgive sins  (outright paraphrasing here).
  Jesus knew their thoughts, and addressed them. Which is easier, he asked, to say your sins are forgiven or to rise and walk? But to show you that the Son of man has power to forgive sins, Arise, take your bed and go to your house, he spoke to the sick man. Immediately the man got up and took his bedding with him, praising God the whole way.
  Those who saw this were amazed, and glorified God.
 During this time Jesus saw another man, Levi the tax collector, and called him to follow Jesus, which he did. Levi invited Jesus and his followers to his house for a great feast, and there were many publicans (tax collectors) there. The scribes and the Pharisees could not believe that Jesus would dare be seen with these people. After all, they would not do such a thing. Publicans were sinners!
  Jesus told them, those who are not sick don't need a physician. I haven't come to call the righteous, sinners to repentence.  
  When asked why Jesus' followers did not fast and pray as John's followers did, Jesus replied, Can you make the children of the bridegroom  fast while the bridegroom is with them? But there will be a time when the bridegroom is away, and then they will fast. (Paraphrased). While Jesus was with them, there was no need to fast.

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