Monday, November 28, 2011

A Morning Cup of Tea: Jesus Speaks of John the Baptist

Good morning! For anyone who reads this on a daily basis let me apologize. It's been five days since I've last written the Cup of Tea posts, or anything for that matter, other than a short blurb about the puzzle piece Christmas tree ornament.
Sadly, it's been five days since I have done my bible reading as well. The two are connected, and this part of my blog is supposed to keep me accountable and make sure I read every day. I let other things get in the way for a few days. But I won't let this bump in the road become a major roadblock. I will just start back where I left off and continue forward. How wonderful it is that we don't have to continually beat ourselves up for our sins and mistakes. Even after baptism we will continue to stumble at times, but now we can acknowledge it, repent, and move forward. 
  Today we are reading a few verses in chapter seven of Luke; verses11 through 28.  Jesus was coming to a city called Nain, and near the gate of the city Jesus and his disciples saw a funeral procession. A young man had died. His mother was a widow, and he was her only son. Jesus spoke to the woman and told her not to cry. Then he spoke to the young man and commanded him to arise. The young man rose from the dead at Jesus' words. Many people in the city were witness to this , and they had much fear (respect) of God, and glorified God at this miraculous site.  They spoke much of the prophet who visited and did this wondrous thing, and word spread throughout all of Judea and and the region around it.
  John the baptizer heard about this, and he sent some of his own disciples to Jesus, asking, Are you the one we've been waiting for? Or should we look for another? 
 Jesus gave them the answer in verses 22 and 23, that yes, he was the one.
Once John's disciples had left to give the answer to John, Jesus spoke of John to his own followers.  Jesus had much good to say about John, but also said that he who is least in the kingdom of God is greater than John. I think he said that so that others would not decide that John should be worshiped.

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