Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Morning Cup of Tea: "Master We Perish"

Good morning! Today we are focusing on just a few verses, Luke 8:19 thorough 25, and there really are two lessons here, but I didn't want to overlook them.
  In verse 19 Jesus' mother and brothers had come to see him, but couldn't get to him because there were so many people around. They were able to get word that they wished to see him, and in verse 21 Jesus had this to say: My mother and my brothers  are these which hear the word of God, and do it. Now, he wasn't disowning his family nor was he being disrespectful of them. I'm sure he was quite happy to see his family.But he had a teachable moment there and he used it. We as Christians say we are part of the family of God. Jesus told us clearly that his family are those who hear and do. If we know what the bible says and we don't do it, we are wrong. And if we do not read the word then how can we know what we are to do and how we should be living?
  And then on another day Jesus and his disciples were in a boat, crossing from one side of the lake to the other. Jesus fell asleep. While he was resting, terrible storms came up, and the boat was tossed about. It began taking on water and everyone knew that this was the end!  His disciples woke Jesus, saying, Master we perish! Jesus got up and rebuked the wind and the water, and things calmed down immediately. Jesus asked his disciples, Where is your faith? (v25)
 When we find ourselves in the midst of a storm, do trust that Jesus is going to take care of us? Or do we panic and worry and start lamenting 'we perish'?
  Several years back when we lived in Texas we were part of a congregation that held FBS (Family Bible School rather than calling it Vacation Bible School) each summer, and in conjunction with the lesson them we did a play, doing part each night. One year the study was Noah's Ark. My husband played Japheth and I played his wife. Apparently my character did not have much faith because when Noah told his family there would be a flood, I shrieked "We're all going to die!"
  Sometimes when trouble hits, I am just like Jessica, as my character was known. Panic at the drop of a hat. Jesus could very well ask me, Where is your faith?
  While it is normal to be concerned when situations arise, but when we worry and fret aren't we essentially telling God, now you step back, I can handle this on my own?  When I try that tactic I usually fail miserably and I end up with tummy aches, headaches, and all sorts of problems. If I take a deep breath and realize that I'm supposed to do my job and Jesus is supposed to do his, I'm much calmer. It's not always easy because I don't like giving up control, but I'm learning. 
 Have a wonderful day.  

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