Monday, December 5, 2011

A Morning Cup of Tea: Just a Touch

Good morning! Today we are finishing up chapter 8 of the book of Luke, beginning with verse 40. Jesus and his disciples are now back across the lake after being sent away from the people of the Gadarenes. Jairus, who was a ruler of the synagogue, came to ask Jesus to come to his home. His only daughter was ill to the point of death. On the way there, a woman who had suffered from an issue of blood for many years, and had seen physician after physician with no change in her health, determined that if she could just touch Jesus' clothes all would be well. When she touched the hem of his garment, the flow of blood stopped. 
   Jesus stopped also. Who touched me? he asked. He knew what had happened and knew that some of his virtue had gone out of him (v46). The woman had tried to hide, because first of all she was simply a woman, and second of all, she was considered unclean and should not have been in public. But Jesus saw her and told her Daughter, be of good comfort: thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace.
 Back on the way to Jairus' home, someone came from the house to tell Jairus not to bother with bringing Jesus there; the girl was dead. Jesus told him, Fear not: believe only, and she shall be made whole. 
  At Jairus' house he only allowed Peter, James and John, plus the girl's parents inside. He told everyone to stop weeping, she isn't dead. They were scornful of him. But Jesus held the girl's hand and commanded her to arise. Luke tells us in verse 55 that her spirit came again and she arose straightway.
  In both instances, with the woman, and with the girl, they were healed with a simple touch. Jairus had faith that Jesus could heal his daughter, and the woman with the issue of blood had faith that just a touch of his garment could make her whole. However, had either of these people stayed home and not approached Jesus, nothing would have happened. They had to step out in faith and do something to get the healing they desired.   

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