Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gratituesday: The Simple Things

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 Have you ever tried typing with a cat on your lap? In most cases, if you have a desktop computer that is not really a problem. I tend to work from a laptop, or more frequently these days, a pc with the keyboard in my lap because the desk has no space for the keyboard. Its a rather strange setup but I've gotten used to it for now.
  I've even gotten used to the intermittent growling from her highness the queen. She thinks my entire existence is to cater to her whims, whether that be feeding her or sitting still while she naps. The movements my hands make while I'm typing are completely unnecessary in her feline mind and should be stopped. She doesn't get her way on this one, needless to say. But she parks herself on top of my wrist in hopes that I will just sit quietly and pet her with my free hand.
  Angel, otherwise known as her highness or the Queen Mum, isn'tthe only one who perches on my lap at times. The others take their turns as well. Yesterday was Max's turn. He's much more complacent as well as independent. He isn't the attention hog that some of the other cats are, but yesterday he was determined that I would sit and allow him some mommy time. Max is a rather large tom cat, and he stretches a lot in his sleep, so he bumped me a few times, messing up what I was writing or the game I happened to be playing. I tried to move him several times but he'd come right back and plop back into my lap, giving me a baleful look. 
  Cats and dogs are great therapy. Just petting one can lower your blood pressure. They can calm me down quickly. And they do succeed in convincing me to sit and just relax at times. They are some of the simple things in life I'm grateful for.
  What are you grateful for today? 

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