Monday, December 19, 2011

Update to Confessions of a Disorganized Housewife

 I think my "get up and go" has got up and went, as the saying goes. But although my brain is seeing everything that still needs to be done, I'm going to try and focus on the positive: my bed is made with fresh sheets, two bags of clothes have gone out the door so hopefully someone else can use them, and I can see the floor in my bedroom again. 
  Santa has some things hidden in the closet so I'm not allowed to hang clothes up just yet, so those I can't put away are being folded and put in laundry baskets to hang later. I've discovered a few books that had gone missing shortly after they were given to me --under the bed. I also found that I in no way am addicted to magazines. Oh no. I'm a magazine junkie! 
   What's the difference between a magazine addict and a junkie? An addict has a fairly good pile of magazines. I have two magazine holders in my kitchen that are full, several magazines in my living room, and a stack of them by my bedside. Sighhhhhh. I think I have a teeny tiny problem there. Okay, I admit it; I have a huge problem! Real Life, Martha Stewart Living, Family Fun just to name a few. I have two that are gift subscriptions from my mom, one I got for free (yes, sometimes you can find really great deals, even free ones, online). Some seem to hop into my grocery cart all by themselves! Okay, okay, they have a little help getting into the cart.
    So. Next on the agenda: figuring out what stays and what goes, then learning to curb the readaholic inside me. Tonight close to bedtime I'll have a waste basket and a stack of magazines by my side. If there are articles or recipes I want to keep, I'll cut those out and file them. The rest of the magazine goes in the trash. Any magazines that are in good shape and keeps all their pages intact will get donated somewhere. 
   I'm really hoping I get another burst of energy sometime this evening so I can do more but honestly I'm quite happy sitting here writing for the moment. In an hour I'll fix dinner, then afterwards I'll write out my schedule for tomorrow. 
  Have a wonderful evening.

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