Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Dream Home

  I am a dreamer. Always have been, I think. Some of my dreams will never come true, others are just within reach. 
  One dream I've always held onto since I was a young teenager is having a home of my own. The home of my dreams is one of the grand painted ladies  of old. I've loved Victorian and Edwardian style houses for many years. Will I ever get one of the originals? Ehhh, probably not. Never has stopped me from loving the style, elegance, and character of the old houses though.
  These days my dream is slightly altered. I want the old grand style, if possible, that part hasn't changed. A wraparound porch would be awesome. Think of it: rocking chairs so you can sit and watch the sunset or sunrise, watch kids play, whatever strikes your mood.
  I want a nice master suite with an adjoining bath that holds a clawfoot tub as well as a shower. Optimally I'd love the luxury of having one bathroom per person plus one, but I'd settle for at least 2 full baths.  While we are dreaming of the bathrooms in this house, in the one my son will be using, there needs to be a drain built into the floor. Yeah, I know, not very pretty to look at, but this is an overgrown child who loves water. I'm a mama who doesn't love flooded bathrooms or cleaning them up. His bathroom would have glassblock where the window should be. You would see these in his rooms as well, because they are harder for him to destroy and this way he can't throw things out the window, which is one of his favorite pastimes. The bathroom needs to be regulated so that he can't burn himself while preparing his bath or shower.
  Did you notice I said "rooms" for J? My dream house has two rooms for him: his bedroom and a safe room. Both rooms will be painted in calming colors. The bedroom will have his bed, maybe a beanbag chair, and a dresser for his clothes. I tried having his clothes out where he could see them. He promptly brought them to my room. Got the message. 
  The safe room would be where he can get away from stress and no one will bother him. Maybe a couch in there. Lights in both of his rooms will be ceiling only, and recessed at that. The simpler the better for him. And the ceiling needs to be raised so that he can't reach it. If there is a way to destroy light fixtures he will do it. 
  I'd like a swing in his safe room, something that would cocoon him and help him calm. I'd like one similar outside as well. (Dreaming here, and in dreams money is no object.) Also outside in the fenced yard is a water table, a pool that is gated and alarmed, and a trampoline. Both water and jumping are good therapies for J. They help center and calm him. Okay, the water energizes him for the most part, but it's still good for him.
  I want a mother in law suite complete with kitchenette and living room, or a small cottage out back for my mother. I'd feel better knowing she is where I can help her more.  She can decorate her space however she likes it.
  I want a craft room. It doesn't have to be insanely large, but I would like space enough for a table to sit at as well as space for a computer and a small tv and dvd player so I can either watch a movie or learn a new technique while I'm in my space. 
  My kitchen is another space where I dream big. I want a fairly large kitchen with a walk in pantry. I need counterspace (I tend to like to spread out a bit when I'm cooking and I'm a messy cook to tell the truth). I need a dishwasher, and a large sink. I would love to have an herb garden either in a windowsill or growing just outside the kitchen. Then just bring in someone to help me get organized so that it will stay organized and we're in business! I want a comfy table or breakfast bar so that others can sit while I cook (or I can sit while hubby cooks, hee hee!) and I want a corner specifically for J while he is in the kitchen. His corner will have his chair, a dorm size fridge, and a cabinet just for him. I want his space stocked with water, tea, and foods he can either grab and eat or prepare with supervision. I'm hoping this way he will leave the main fridge and pantry alone. Told you I'm dreaming!
  Well, there you have it. My dream home. Even if I never get my actual dream home I'd really like to implement some of the ideas in the place we eventually buy. 

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