Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Morning Cup of Tea: Moses, Elijah and Jesus

Good morning! Today is definitely a day for a cup of hot tea or cocoa! I must confess, although I love all the smells and beauty of fall and winter time I'm not really a big fan of the cold. But in order to have some of the things we like, there must be some cold weather, yes?
  I must confess something a bit more serious as well. Yesterday's reading was on taking up the cross daily. I'm grateful to have the chance for that today. Yesterday I set the cross down in anger because of a situation I found myself in. It's been resolved now, and my little hissy fit didn't last too long, but there it was. 
  I write these cup of tea posts to encourage anyone who reads them, and I freely admit that I am constantly in need of teaching and encouragement. I am so thankful for God's forgiveness.
  Today's reading is short and sweet. Luke 9:28-36.  Luke tells us that 8 days after teaching about taking up the cross daily, Jesus took Peter, James and and John up to the mountain to pray. The other three grew sleepy, but Jesus prayed and his face and clothing were altered. His raimening was white and glistering, according to the king James version. Glistering means it was shining, glittering. Moses and Elijah joined him, and the three discussed Jesus' death.
  Peter, James and John saw the three together, and Peter said to Jesus that it was good for them to see the three together. He wanted to build three tabernacles on the spot, one for each of them.
  Then a cloud came over the scene, and a voice was heard saying, This is my beloved Son. Hear him. (v35) When the cloud lifted Moses and Elijah were gone. 

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