Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gratituesday: Young Preachers

     I have had the pleasure of hearing several gospel preachers through the years. I know a few who do not have congregations,  nor have they been to a school of preaching, but they have a tremendous love of God and his word and have been known to preach a sermon or two.  Some of the preachers I've known have passed on, one has left the ministry, and still others are continuing to preach the word and are instant in season and out of season. Some I've only been privileged to "hear" speak thus far only on Face Book. I enjoy reading their messages online and learning from them. 
  I think that we should encourage all men who preach the word, and pray for them, but these days my heart is tender toward the younger men who become preachers. They need our love, prayers and support more than ever it seems to me. There are some fine young men out there and I pray they continue preaching for many many years to come. If you have a young minister in your congregation, encourage him. Pray for him, and his wife if he has one. Although some of us tend to prefer older ministers because they are more well versed in the bible, don't forget we can still learn a thing or two from a fresh perspective. And after all,  our older ministers didn't get so good at their sermons by sitting on the pew each Lord's day until they became a certain age. A congregation or two gave them their start. 
  Just one more thing, when a young man has the courage to confide that he would like to become a preacher, please don't discourage him, no matter what you may think of him and his circumstances unless you know for certain he is living a life that goes against God's teachings. God can use a willing heart from anyone. 
  I am grateful for all the gospel preachers out there, but I am most grateful for our young preachers and their wives, because we need our young people to have the church continue and grow. 

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