Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Morning Cup of Tea: The Light of the World

Good morning! It has gotten chilly again! Being that it's closing in on the end of December, that shouldn't be surprising, but although I find many things to adore about all the seasons, I much prefer the warmer months. I so enjoy being out in the sunshine when it isn't too hot or too cold. 
  Today my heart is with the church at Statesboro. Because my husband is working a twelve hour shift I won't get to be with them today. The soonest we will be back with them is Christmas morning. I look forward to that time. I crave that time I get to worship with others. I used to have a website or two that I could go to and listen to a live sermon or some lessons that had been archived online, but I've switched computers. I think I'll do some hunting today online and see if I can find them again. If you know some great Church of Christ websites, please feel free to let me know. If you have a comment at all, please feel free to speak up. I love hearing back from you.
   Today's lesson is from Luke 11:27-36. Jesus had been teaching about casting out demons and warning that the unclean spirit could come back with seven more just like him if we weren't careful.  (11:24-26)  A woman who had been listening to Jesus' teachings spoke up and said "Blessed is the womb that bare thee, and the paps which thou hast sucked" (v 27). She was giving honor to Mary, the mother of Jesus.
  Jesus answered her with Yea rather, blessed are they that hear the word of God, and keep it.
  He went on to speak about their generation always looking for a sign. This sermon fits our time as well. How often do we hear people wanting a sign from God to prove he is real, or more often, people pointing to occurrences and and declaring them as signs that Jesus is coming soon. He is coming soon, but no one knows the hour or the day. We shouldn't worry about signs, we should be watching and praying, and living as best we can so that we will be prepared when he does come. But this is slightly off subject. 
  Jesus was telling them, you want a sign but the only sign you'll get is that of Jonah.  But you have someone greater than Jonah or any other who was sent to teach and urge repentance. These people had Jesus himself in the flesh! While we don't have him here with us the way they did, we do have the Word. We can read and see how God wants us to live, and what we must do in order to have eternal life.  
   He goes on in verses 33 through 36 to tell us that we are to let our light shine, not hide it. If our light is good, people will be able to see it. The same if our light is bad. I do hope you will read these passages in the bible for yourself. Jesus is a much better teacher than I could ever hope to be. 
  Have a wonderful first day of the week. 

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