Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gratituesday: Quiet Time

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 The sounds of home life are all around me now: Jim, home on his weekend, is making tea and reminding me that I need to take my thyroid medicine; J is deciding whether it's bath time or time to stumble back to bed for a few more minutes ( last night was another insomnia filled party for him--loud giggles half the night); and the cats are sweetly brining to my attention the fact that their highnesses have not been fed yet. The royal feline family will have to wait because I forgot to stop by the store last night.
  I love all the sounds of life here at home, including the history lesson now being played in another room. Jim is watching a dvd  about the revolutionary war. But what I'm most thankful for today is the quiet time I had earlier. My husband was still asleep when I woke this morning, as was J, who, as I said earlier, had a hard time sleeping last night. The cats were awake, but at that point they were content to sit in my lap or play nearby, at least for a few minutes. The sounds of silence are what I crave after a night of giggles  and Christmas music and a Christmas movie and tossing and turning. 
 Now it's time to begin the day with the family and get some things accomplished. Laundry needs to be put away, breakfast needs to be made, the bed needs to be stripped and remade with fresh sheets, a trip to the store is needed. Because of my time to read and think, I'm just about ready to face the day.
  What are you grateful for today?

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