Friday, October 7, 2011

Bring on the Weekend

Is it morning? My son is awake, my cats are staring at me expectantly, husband is off fulfilling his last day of work for the week. The clock reads 7:02 AM. Guess that means it's morning.
 Is there a full moon, or any of the natural occurrences that supposedly make people act strangely? The grinning young man across from me was up way earlier than this --most likely autism related insomnia for him --and I was up and down most of the night with bouts of sleeplessness, nightmares, and strange dreams. I remember saying in one dream, "I've got to tell Jim not to go to work today. I really don't feel well at all." Well, except for keeping him home today, that part is true. I really don't feel well at all. But he needs to be at work today. We depend on that job. I didn't ask him to stay home. 
  Husband will do his job and I will do mine -sort of. I will sit here and write, and read, and communicate with my son, who is nodding at me, talking in his language, inviting me to do the same things. As soon as I can stand I will go into the kitchen and fix breakfast, give both of us our meds for the morning. Eventually, if his pattern holds true, J will go nap after being up so early.  And Mommy will nap, also. 
  It's Friday, the end of the work week for some. Once hubby gets home, be begins his long weekend before heading into third shift. Chores will be done, we will visit family, and we have worship on Sunday. I'm going to try walking again, even if it's just around the block to begin with. I'm also going to rest some and let J and dad have father son time. 
 What plans do you have for the weekend? 

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