Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday Morning Report

Good morning! I think I should rename the post Monday Morning Mayhem, hee hee! Lots going on today.  First, if you read my Morning Cup of Tea posts, let me apologize. Today's post will be late because I left my bible in the car last night. Hubby took it to work with him.
  Today is Halloween. Some places have done their trick or treating this past weekend but there may be some little ghosts and goblins and whatever else is popular out tonight so be careful as you drive.
 I woke up late this morning;just did not want to leave my warm bed. But my doctor called and gave me some good news: my hemoglobin is up to 10.4! That's a lot better than it was a few weeks ago when he was seriously wanting to do a blood transfusion, but still not normal. I'm happy it's going in the right direction, however. Having no energy and being threatened with a hospital stay is not my idea of fun. I will continue eating good food and taking my iron and multivitamin as my doc suggests.
 As for the getting organized and getting ready for the holidays go, it's a slow but sure process on both. I was able to write out a menu for the week, although Saturday's lunch and dinner is still up in the air. When you aren't used to coming up with meal plans, it can be hard! 
 Today's Menu: 
   Breakfast - grits, fried egg and string cheese
   Lunch --meat loaf, mashed potatoes and spinach
   Dinner-- supposed to go to my mother's for chili.
  For snacks I have yummy honeycrisp  apples 
  For those like me, Flylady has Cruising Through the Holidays missions that should help us not get overwhelmed with all that needs to be done. She is already up to number 11 but don't let that overwhelm you. Start with where you are. I will be checking that today, as well as putting away some laundry and cleaning some shelves and cabinets in my kitchen. 
  I can hear you yawning so I'll let you know that we had a great time with friends from church on Saturday night. One family had an outdoors Halloween get together with hot dogs, hamburgers, and lots of goodies. The weather was cooler than we thought it would be, but it was still nice enough to be outside, especially with a little bonfire. Yesterday hubby was off all day so we were able to attend both services as well as the fifth Sunday fellowship meal. In lieu of a lesson last night we had our end of the month singing, and mostly older songs like Victory in Jesus were selected. I love those old songs, and they touch my heart each time I hear/sing them. We were also blessed to witness a baptism last night.That makes my heart very happy, to see another Christian sister among us.
  I've talked your ear off enough for now, and housework beckons. I hope you have a wonderful day.

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