Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Morning Cup of Tea: A Gentille's Faith, A Deaf and Dumb Man Healed

Good morning! Today we are finishing chapter 7 of Mark. 
 My son has autism and sometimes he doesn't always understand what I tell him. And sometimes, like other teens, he just doesn't have the patience to wait for what he wants. But he does know that his dad and I love him very much, and he has faith that we will take care of him. Right now he's waiting more or less patiently for me to finish this writing so I will fix him breakfast. So let us begin, shall we?
  In verse 24 Jesus went to the borders of Tyre and Sidon, where a gentile woman - a Greek, Syrophenician by nationality --had heard of him. She had a daughter with an unclean spirit and wanted Jesus to cast the devil out. 
 Jesus answered her, telling her first the Jews were to be taken care of, as you would not take bread from children and give it to dogs.
 The woman however, showed her faith. She knew that just a little would heal her daughter. She answered him , "Yes Lord, yet the dogs under the table eat of the children's crumbs" (v28).  Jesus rewarded her by telling her to go her way, the devil had been cast out. He had only say it and it was done!
  When he left from there to Decapolis a man was brought to him who was deaf and could not speak properly. The man's friends begged Jesus to heal him. Jesus  placed his hands on the man's ears and on his tongue and said Eph pha tha --meaning, Be opened (v34). The man was immediately healed. He could hear and speak!
 Jesus had told them to go their way and tell no one about this, but of course they told everyone. I'm not sure I could keep that secret myself, had I been there at a time when Jesus himself could heal me or a family member.  What an awesome, awesome thing that had to have been!

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