Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Morning Report

Good morning! Its kind of gray outside, sort of a drizzly fall day. I'm still trying to wake up a bit. Sleep has been elusive the last few days, so I decided to try melatonin. I'm not sure I like this stuff, because I'm still dragging a bit, But the day must go on. 
  The husband is home today. <big smile>. He's home the next few days in fact, in preparation of the shift change. Ah yes, Wednesday night begins third shift. I don't mind that one so much because I'm headed to bed usually when he's headed out the door, and he comes home about the time I'm waking up. The hard part comes during the day when he's sleeping and J wants to be with his dad.
  I need to be doing some house cleaning today, getting the house ready for the upcoming holidays. My brain is already on Christmas. While most of the country is centered on Halloween, I'm putting together lists for gifts I want to make or buy (in order to make the money stretch I have to start now, or even earlier), trying to decide what type of cards I'm going to make, and I drool over lots of recipes. For me, Christmas is a family holiday and this year I'm thrilled that my husband will be off that day--unless his schedule gets switched again. It's happened. 
 Thanksgiving will be here before we know it, too. While we should be thankful for our blessings everyday, I'm happy there is a day set aside to enjoy the company of family and friends, and really contemplate what we've been blessed with. But how many of us do that anymore? There's parades, football all day, early bird sales going on, someone in the family gets into a snit because something went wrong or the day didn't happen as they planned...   Aunt Edna's turkey a little dry? Big deal. Give Aunt Edna a break and you make the turkey. The game is the biggest of the season? Tape it. Go outside and play a game of football with the kids. They are only young once. Older kids didn't stay long? You were younger once yourself, with in laws and cranky toddlers, and things that couldn't wait. Relax a bit. Enjoy the company of those you're with. The sales will be there tomorrow. Make memories today. 
 Oh wow. It's not even the middle of October and I'm already making holiday speeches. Time to refocus on today. Speaking of today, it's the only one you have at the moment. Make it a great one.

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