Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Morning Cup of Tea: The Capture, The Denial

Good morning! I'm cuddled up in a blanket this morning, mindful of the time. I don't want to be late this morning for services.
 Jesus took his disciples with him to pray. Most he left at a certain spot, but he took Peter, James and John with him a little closer. He told these three to watch and pray,his soul was exceedingly sorrowful. Jesus went a little further away from the three to be alone when he prayed. He prayed that God the Father would take this cup from him, but also said thy will be done, not mine (v36). He knew what was coming up, what was to happen. As he was in the flesh, he would feel every bit of the pain and agony. 
 When he went back to the three, he found them sleeping. He woke them up and admonished them again to pray. And he went back and prayed again himself. A second time he came back and found his companions asleep. He woke them up again and admonished them to pray, and for a third time he prayed also. After the third time he woke them and told them that the people who were coming for him were near.
  Almost as soon as he said this, Judas appeared with a group of people brandishing swords.  One of the disciples grabbed a sword and cut off someone's ear, but the disciples did not stay to defend Jesus or to be counted as being with him. They all fled, even Peter, who had earlier vehemently insisted that he would never leave Jesus, nor would he deny him.
 The mob took Jesus to the high priest, where a council had been waiting, trying to find witness enough to convict Jesus. Those who spoke against Jesus all told lies, and none could even agree with one another. 
 Jesus stood there, hearing all that the people were saying about him, and he said nothing.  The high priest asked him, Don't you hear what they are saying? Don't you have anything to say about all this? Still Jesus said nothing. Finally the high priest asked him, Are you the Christ? The Son of the Blessed? (v61)
 62. And Jesus said, I am; and ye shall see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of prayer, and coming in the clouds of heaven.
 The chief priest considered Jesus' words blasphemy, and they decided it was enough to put him to death. They began to spit in his face, and hit him with their hands, taunting him to "prophesy".
 Out in the courtyard Peter was warming himself. A woman saw him, and pointed him out as one who had been with Jesus. Peter denied this accusation, saying I don't know the man and I dont even understand what you are saying. A rooster crowed in the distance. A second time someone pointed out Peter as having been associated with Jesus and once again he denied it. The third time a woman said he had ties with Jesus he began to swear and curse, loudly denying he knew Jesus. He heard the rooster crow once more, and he remembered what Jesus had told him earlier, and he wept. (Scripture and lesson is from Mark 14:27-72.)

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