Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gratituesday : Those Who Stand Up for Their Beliefs

Today, October 18, is the Pro Life Day of Solidarity. You may see people, mostly in high school, wearing red arm bands and red tape with the word LIFE on their mouths, and some will be handing out flyers. I am in support of this by having the banner to the right of this posting. These young men and women have vowed to stay silent today, in solidarity of the ones who cannot speak for themselves and are murdered needlessly every day. I won't  be out in public today so it really wouldn't do me much good to do that, but any time I post on Face book it will be pro life information for the most part. I am very thankful that there is a new generation coming up who believes that life --all life is sacred.
  This post is linked up with Heavenly Homemakers  as part of Gratituesday.

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