Friday, March 16, 2012

Foodie Friday: Dutch Baby Pancake

Are you a Pinterest  fan? I am. Constantly on there finding recipes, how to's, and of course, lots of sayings. And you know that I like Martha. You know who I'm talking about. Whether you like her or not, the woman has some great ideas there. On Pinterest a month or so ago I saw a picture of this recipe.  I tried it and it was a super hit with my guys and me. The Dutch Baby Pancake  is definitely a keeper. Follow the link to get the recipe. It's Martha's and not mine. I didn't tweak it any so I don't feel right copying the recipe to my blog. 
  This is what it looked like when we made it yesterday:
 Doesn't that look totally delish? The browner spot is from melted butter that got a little browner than normally I would let it get, and yes there is a little much sugar on top of that puppy. It takes maybe all of five minutes to put together in the blender, less than that if you have all the ingredients there at your finger tips, and 20 minutes to bake. Add fresh fruit and maybe some sausage or bacon as a side and you have a great special occasion or anytime breakfast. What was our special occasion? None, we just felt like treating ourselves today. <Smile>
  I hope you give it a try.You won't be sorry.

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