Monday, March 5, 2012

Confessions of a Disorganized Housewife: It's Declutter Time!

 Good morning! If you've read even some of my posts, not including the Morning Cup of Tea series, you know that I am a Pinterest junkie enthusiast. I find all manner of things on that site, from recipes to art journaling to household hints.  You see the box on the right from ?  I saw a pin a few days from that site and I saw the words I'm decluttering. Lightbulb! Looking around my house, I can tell I need a firm shove  gentle nudge toward getting this place in order. This month, starting today,  is here to help. Each Monday she will post an area to declutter. Each of the four weeks has a different area --kids stuff (this week), next week is kitchen/pantry, week 3 is closets, countertops and drawers(oh my!), and the final week is choose your own adventure. 
 Sound like something you want to do with me? Great! If anyone is interested I'll figure out how to set up Mr Linky if you're a blogger, or you can just tell me in the comments how you did on Fridays.  Tish over at is going to have her linky up on Friday so that bloggers can link up to her site and share before and after pictures. Hmmm... do I really want to show before pictures of this place? Could be scary for me, but I'm committing to do it.
  Here we go with week one: Kids' stuff. My "kid" is nineteen years old, but we do have some issues with clutter in his room and in the living room because his toys can't always stay in his room. They will end up being flung out the window or otherwise trashed so they are placed elsewhere. The other person who has um, toys, is me. That's correct, folks, my art supplies. I've already started going through some of them, but it's time to really look into getting that space decluttered and organized. 
  Who's with me? To learn more about this, please click here or click on the link at the right for more info. Get ready, set, declutter!
Have a great day!
PS. Depending on what's going on I may not post the end result of this week's decluttering until Saturday (which will also be linked to but it will be there. Pictures and all.

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