Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day One of This New Routine

 5:17 AM
  If I had started this post at 4 am or before then (I was awake), this post would be a rant on how I Quit. Or at least wanted to.  Yes, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. I tend to wake naturally, as in without an alarm. But when I need the alarm, knowing I have to be up at a certain hour, my brain goes into overdrive. I dream weird and I wake at least once every hour or so because I hate oversleeping and missing the wake time. I'm weird, I know.  I suppose if I had a job that required me to be there every morning at say 5 am, I'd get used to the routine and I'd actually start getting good rest again. As I deal with this, if I stick with it, I'll eventually get used to it.
  This morning, however, it all started out wrong. J had been up for awhile, as evidenced by the wet foot prints leading from the bathroom, through the kitchen, to his room. The computer wanted to act all wonky. It's working fine now, because I restarted it. And the frustrating thing that got me all wound up? Dishes were left in the sink. All. Night. Long.  
  I couldn't believe after working hard all last week to keep up with that one goal, not daring to go to sleep until the dishes were washed, that this would happen! HOW could I go to bed with dishes in the sink? My husband also got growled at for this. He was up later than I, and saw me toddle off to bed without doing the dishes. He also didn't think to do them for me. The nerve, right?  But he was tired also, and didn't think about it. 
  On the good side of things,  once my early morning growl subsided, I got to spend time with The Hubby. We got to spend some time together talking, even if most of it was me venting. I got to fix him breakfast, which, admittedly, I don't do all the time, even on days that he has off or is working a different shift. I kinda like being Suzy Homemaker and making sure he eats before rushing off to work. 
  Other than the few dishes that The Hubby and J used, my sink is empty once again.  After eating, J busied himself with taking apart a puzzle we had started to work on yesterday. He is now contemplating going back to sleep. I really do not understand his sleep patterns lately.
  As for me, I'm not sure whether I want to go back to bed or not if I start hearing his gentle snoring. Half of me wants to because I was so restless last night. The other half, the perfectionist half I am suspecting, says Push through it! You can always nap after The Hubby gets home! For now I think I'll play it by ear. Yup, J is determined to sleep. I hear him in his room still, but he just shut his door. A sure sign he's ready for sleep.

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