Sunday, March 11, 2012

Declutter Week One

  You thought I forgot, dincha? Come on, admit it. You thought it was just another ball I dropped, right? He he. Nope, I remembered. I missed my own deadline, but I remembered to blog about it. No pictures this time. Trust me, one part was just ugly. 
  Now to confession time. Have you ever heard the phrase, "best laid plans..." or the one that I'm not sure I like too well that says "People make plans and God laughs"?  Well, guess what. I was all set to get all this stuff done. Had The Hubby in agreement (because there was no way i could tackle my son's room without his help). Then life happened. We had a snowstorm in the house a bean bag chair explosion --remind me to tell you about that one day. We had visits with both mothers. We had two adults not really feeling well. Ugh!
  The story doesn't end there. Things did get done. I had to play catch up with laundry and kitchen duties, and I bought a scrapbooking carrier that was on clearance that will do double duty --it will act as storage as well as be put into use for my workshops and classes. I also cleaned up a lot of bean bag filler. Billions of teeny, tiny pellets. On the to do list for this week --repair the bean bag chair so that it can be put back into use.  One other thing I did: I learned how to sew on a button and repair a hem on a pair of slacks I have. Very important.
 But the kids room challenge! Did you get anything accomplished there??? Yes. Having a child with moderate to severe autism means that life is not predictable (although he and I both would like it to be) and it also means expectations on housework and furniture tend to be lowered a little bit. As much as I would like a sparkling clean house at all times, without a full time maid or at least some outside help now and then (which I cannot afford) there will always be something or some place in the house that makes me cringe.
  J's bed was a huge source of that cringing. It was clutter. Nasty, beat up, clutter that had to go. The Hubs, healthwise, did not feel he was up to tackling that critter. Yesterday I could not stand staring at that monstrosity one moment long and began to tackle it myself. It's a king size bed and I'm a shrimpy little thing. I didn't get very far but it impressed The Hubby that I tried. He finished the job last night, with a very anxious J watching (and helping) his dad. 
  J wasn't too sure what to think about us dismantling his bed to get it out the door. After all, he'd had it for a few years and he'd gotten that thing to a point he figured was comfy. I considered it a disgrace. We have a day bed waiting for him. The frame still needs to be put together, which will happen today or tomorrow depending, and for now the mattress is in his room so that he can sleep. He seems to have adjusted well to the new change. I plan on working more in his room this week, as I've discovered that he has hiding places for things and his clothes still need to be culled. I will be working his room in addition to the plans I have for week 2 of this challenge, the kitchen / pantry. I'm really looking forward to that one, and will share my battle plan tomorrow. Thank you, Simple Mom for this challenge!

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