Friday, March 30, 2012

Week 4: Choose Your Own Adventure--and Where' I' ve Been

 Once again we are linking up with Simple Mom  for Project Simplify 2012.  This week we were to choose our own adventure. I mentioned that and my plans here --and then disappeared for the week. Uh Oh. Making a face here. Bad blogger!
  Well, I'll tell ya. The week started out great. I had lots of energy, The Hubby was home to help out. He took J's room and completely cleaned it up minus shampooing or replacing the carpet, which it badly, badly needs. 

 This is the after picture because I forgot to get a before picture. Not showing the floor, sorry, but you do get to see my dear sleeping boy who chose to nap before the sheets were put on his bed. See the part of  the daybed there on the side?  Still not up. Dad needs to get something for it first.

Still, a lot did get done. Two bags of trash came out of there, we found some Tupperware that had gone missing, and also some clothes in bad need of washing. J is great at hiding things but I'm happy to say that J has kept it fairly clean since dad did the big purge, and has been "helping" to keep it neat by throwing unwanted (by him) items out the window. See, this helps mom get more exercise by going outside to pick them up, which is a great idea because....whoa. Wait a minute. Enough of the shenanigans! Mama has enough to do! Time for J man to go outside and pick up the stuff that gets tossed. 
  Next my Sweet Hubby tackled The Bathroom. Miss Dottie, why did those two words get capitalized?  Because Dottie lives in a house with two men and is too lazy terrified to go clean it herself, that's why. Nuff said.

 This right here is NOT a picture of the before of my bathroom. Nope, that's a picture of a sunset I tried to capture with my cheapie but loved camera. I can promise you I DID take before shots which showed all of our mayhem and foolishness in the bathroom, but in uploading pictures to my computer, they somehow disappeared.  Please forgive me, I'm still learning some of the ins and outs of blogging and computers and such. 
 So to get an idea of what the bathroom actually looked like I'll tell you what was done in there.
  • all the laundry that wasn't in the basket was picked up and taken to be washed, along with the stuff that miraculously was in the basket. 
  • The toilet was scrubbed clean.
  • The walls were scrubbed clean (with autism sometimes comes toileting issues. Nuff said)
  • The shower was fixed so that we can actually shower again.
  • The sink was cleaned and cleared of the hair trimmer, the shaving stuff, etc.
  • A new shower curtain was put in place.
For what it's worth, here are the after shots. It's a tiny bathroom and its hard to get great angles so hopefully this gives you an idea.

 Yes, that is a throw on the window instead of curtains. Sorry. That window faces the road which would give anyone a clear shot into my business. I tacked it up when we first moved and sadly haven't bothered to replace it with blinds or real curtains. The whys and the wherefores are an entirely different blog post. If you're wondering, the backwards letters spell out Lampasas. We used to live in Texas several years back.
  So where was miss Dottie during all the cleaning that took place? I was in the kitchen cleaning up some hotspots and clearing out some more clutter. Two bags (from the three rooms) went directly to the trash, two are currently near the front door headed for the thrift store.  
  And then it was time for The Hubby to go back to work...and Dottie started battling low energy and sinus headaches yesterday. I'm still battling a headache today so I'm laying pretty low at the moment. 
 All in all, I've enjoyed Project Simplify 2012. I want to thank Tsh from for hosting this. While I didn't get as much as I wanted accomplished, I did get a huge head start and am happy with the results. I've also learned that in projects I tend to want to do a lot more in one week than I actually can get accomplished, but that's good. It shows me that I can get things done and also what still needs to be done. I plan to continue challenging myself to make this a better place for my family.
 What about you? Have you followed along all month and spring cleaned along with me, Simple Mom,   and all the other bloggers who have linked up? Are you all done now, or are you inspired to continue? I'd love to hear how your week went.


  1. Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well - I'm praying for you right now. I had to laugh at your "curtain." We have a small glass window type thing right next to our front door. We obviously don't want people looking into our home through it (especially since we hardly ever answer our door because it's usually someone selling something). When we moved in, the previous owners had used paper to cover it. I finally took the paper down and taped up some blue fabric over it. I have yet to find a real covering for it, but, hey it works!

    I didn't get as much done this past month as I'd hoped to either, but hopefully we can stay motivated to work on our homes.

    1. Thank you so much, Sharon. I am much appreciative of prayers. I'm feeling better today.