Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Enigma

My Brother and my J.

J is my enigma. I am always trying to figure him out. he takes joy in the simplest of things. Play some music, especially Michael Jackson or disco music these days and he's thrilled. Feed him and he's your friend for life.

He intrigues me. When things are put together, he wants to take them apart. For whatever reason, he just does not see that some things stay together.
  And yet he sees the need for order in chaos. I constantly have a pen in my hand or by my side. If it is not in use at the moment, he picks it up and puts the cap back on. Or if he wants my attention he takes the pen and puts it away. His way of saying hey, take a break and look at me. I need to communicate. I want your attention.  The pen often goes back into my notebook. Never mind the fact that should the pen disappear, next time it shows up it may be stripped to all its tiny little pieces.
  Some see a weird kid who is too loud or immature when they look at my son. Or they may see the autism. I see an intelligent young man who sees the world as it should be. His needs are simple; to love and be loved.


  1. Do you have any more children besides J.? If not at home, then take all the time you have in this world with him. He has a talent, that he needs to develop. It has to do with 'problem solving' - I wish I were nearer so I could come over and perhaps have an 'art' class with him. How about 'reading' - can he read? Have you ever just sat down and wrote 'God' on a piece of paper, and then read short verses from God's Word to him? What a challenge!

  2. As far as 'love'-he needs to remember that God CREATED him, and that He loves him, CONSTANTLY, every time you turn around! Just remembered to post this with the other comment.

  3. J is my only one at home. The other son we were blessed with years ago is with Jesus. I hadn't thought of reading short verses to him, although I do talk to him about God, and he loves worship service. Those are really great ideas.
    As for his problem solving talent, I'm still trying to figure out how to nurture that.