Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Gratituesday: Grateful for My Husband

My friend Laura, from heavenly homemakeris the creator of Gratituesday. I love her idea to sit back and reflect on something to be grateful for. 
  When i first awoke this morning i thought I would be counting my blessings here, simply to remind myself I have no reason to be whining about being up at 4 30 in the morning. But the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to express how grateful I am for my husband.
  Jim and I met 22 years ago when a mutual friend invited to worship service. I loved what i saw and heard at this new place, and the people were very friendly. And there was Jim. Are you familiar with wrestling from back in the 80's? There was this character named hillbilly Jim. This Jim looked a lot like him. Not by design, but by comfort. After service i found that Jim had an intriguing sense of humor. i began attending worship service with the church and got to know Jim's family. 
  Shortly thereafter, Jim asked me out. It didnt take more than a few months for him to propose. And he's been there for me ever since.  As a couple married 21 years we've gone through many ups and downs. He's been in the military and is now a civilian again. We've held each other during the loss of one child and a diagnosis of autism with another. Jim has been my rock. When life stresses me out too much, he's there to hold me, run some bath water for me, or send me to take a nap. 
   He has never really been the flowers and candy and flowery prose type of guy, although i do get flowers and candy on occasion. He's more likely to do the dishes or stay up and clean the house for me now and then. He encourages me to try new things, and patiently listens as I discuss some of the fiction I write. He's right there, cheering me on, coaching me to go ahead and finish it already and see about taking the next step. 
  In a world where couples don't always stay together, I am truly blessed. We love each other and we make it work. We fight and argue at times but we don't let resentments fester. We talk it out, even if one of us (usually me) doesn't want to be an adult at the moment and listen to the other side. 
  Thanks for being there in good times and bad, Jim. I love you!


  1. Congrats to you both! We're only at 8 years but are determined that we're going to be like you - stuck happily together even after many multiples of our 8.

  2. Amy, Thank you very much! Congrats to you and your husband for 8 years. We don't know the future of course but with your attitude I can well imagine you two still together years from now. : )