Monday, July 11, 2011

A Morning Cup of Tea

Good morning!  Last night's lesson was part of a series the preacher is doing on spiritual growth. It touched me so deeply, making me realize I haven't been growing as I should be. I obeyed the gospel and became a Christian at the age of 18, and that was (mumble) years ago. While I have gone to worship, and studied, and done the best I can, I don't always follow through with personal study, and summer time seems to be hard on my husband and me when it comes to attendance. More on that in another post. Today I want to focus on bible study, and I hope that you will study along with me.
   I decided yesterday, that the perfect time for me to have quiet time is in the morning. Most of the time I'm an early riser and wake before my son does. My plan is to have a comfortable place to sit, my bible, a notebook for notes and questions, and a cup of tea. In the middle of July my "cup" is more often than not going to be a glass of iced tea, but I hope you settle in with your favorite , whether it be tea, coffee, or juice  :)   We don't have to make it complicated, just time to sit back, read, and reflect.
      If during your bible study you choose to follow along with me, I've decided to read the New Testament, starting in Matthew. As we all know, smaller bites are better for digestion, so I'm concentrating on a few chapters at a time.
   Today's reading is Matthew chapters 1 and 2.
    Chapter one of course, deals mainly with the genealogy of  Christ, on Joseph's side. I thought it interesting to note that Rahab and Ruth were also mentioned at this time as part of his lineage, when most of the time they focus on the fathers.
   In chapter two, the wise men are on the search for king of the Jews born in Bethlehem. King Herod is ruler during this time and he's not at all pleased that someone may be trying to usurp him. He asks the wise men to come back and let him know where the baby is, so that he may go and worship also.  But when he finds that the wise men have gone home another way, he made a decree to kill all children two and under in the area. But at this time Joseph had taken his family to Egypt, being warned in a dream they were not safe where they were.
   What insights or questions do you get out of  these two chapters?

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